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Research Methodology for Management (Code: av-09)

Research Methodology for Management
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Research Methodology for Management Research Methodology for Management Research Methodology for Management
Research Methodology for Management SOLVED ASSIGNMENT HELP 2016-17
Product Details:        Research Methodology for Management ASSIGNMENT HELP
Product Name:            Research Methodology for Management
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Edition Description:   2016-17

Note: Attempt all the questions
1. What is Research? What are the needs for research and research methodology both in Business Management?
2. Define the following terms:
a. Applied Research
b. Exploratory Research
c. Scientific Research
3. Explain the following:
a. Data
b. Coding, Editing, Tabulation, Analysis, and Interpretation
c. Research Report
d. Survey
4. Explain with examples:
a. Judgmental Sampling
b. Quota Sampling
c. Snowball Sampling
d. Cluster Sampling
5. Describe the following terminologies:
a. Null Hypothesis
b. Types of Error
c. Critical Region
d. Level of Significance
6. Define “Questionnaire”. Describe the process of questionnaire development with its possible types. Also prepare a sample exploratory questionnaire.
7. In throws of a single die, the following distribution of faces was obtained – Faces: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total f: 30 25 18 10 22 15 120 Do these results constitute of reflection of the “equal probability” null hypothesis?
8. In a large city A, 20% of a random sample of 900 school boys had defective eye sight. In another large city B, 15.5% of a random sample of 1600 school boys had the same defect. Is this difference between the two proportions significant?
9. In a test examination given to two groups of students the marks obtained were as follows:
1st Group: 18 20 36 50 49 36 34 49 41
2and Group: 29 28 26 35 30 44 46
10. Two samples of size 9 and 8 give the sum of squares of deviations from their respective
means equal to 160 inches square and 91 inches squares respectively. Can they be
regarded as drawn from the two normal populations with the same variance? Given that
F0.05 = 3.73 for 8 and 7 degree of freedom.

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